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Tri-County Entrepreneurial Development Corporation donates $5K to ‘innovative’ Neighbors program

Tri-County Entrepreneurial Development Corporation (TCEDC) chairman Dave Eldridge dropped off the check Tuesday at The Journal’s office, calling the fund “innovative” in helping local businesses in marketing.

Through the initiative, "Neighbors Helping Neighbors", The Journal pledged the first $50,000 to help businesses that need marketing assistance by drawing from a pool of donations. All donations will be set aside and matched dollar for dollar by The Journal. The money will help the owners of local companies rebuild their businesses by reconnecting with their existing customers and attracting new customers.

TCEDC Chairman Dave Eldridge said the service offered by The Journal is one small business owners don’t often consider or have the luxury to spend money on. By signing up to be in the program, more small businesses can get the message out about their services through marketing.

“I thought it was a very innovative approach,” Eldridge said. “I see it as a way to help the newspaper do a great thing for those small businesses. … I see it as a way to be a good neighbor to step up and have another way to help our small businesses to survive, because it’s tough out there.”

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